Chyps Cheese & Onion 45g


Mouth-watering dry roasted chickpea Chyps in carefully blended savoury seasonings and spices. Gluten free, high in fibre and vegan. Perfectly served with an icy cold beverage.


We set out to create a mouth wateringly wholesome snack that paired excellently with an icy-cold beverage on a warm day: Enter Chyps!

This savoury snack has a crispy, crunchy texture that’s reminiscent of the traditional potato chip or corn nib, except we use high fibre, protein packed chickpeas and a combination of carefully blended seasonings and spices to keep you salivating.

We’ve selected a larger, fleshier chickpea varietal that has a softer mouth feel, producing a satisfying biscuit like crunch, right down to the last Chyp.

Whole roasted chickpeas, salt (5%), sugar, maize, onion, spice extracts, canola oil, flavourant, acidulant.

None. Made in a facility that uses an allergen control program. Although every effort has been taken, this product may contain cows milk, wheat and tree nuts.

Typical Nutritional Info: Per 100 g
Energy (kJ / kCal): 1338 kJ / 320 kCal
Protein: 22,4 g
Glycaemic Carbohydrate: 40 g
Of which total sugar: 2,4 g
Total Fat: 10,2 g
Of which saturated fat: 5,3 g
Cholesterol: <5 mg
Dietary Fibre: 20,2 g
Sodium: 542 mg