Doing Our Bit

As a small business, its not always easy to “tick all the boxes”. Whether it be using recyclable packaging, reducing one’s carbon footprint, or using higher quality ingredients over cheap ones, it’s a tough battle when the odds are generally always stacked against your survival as an SME.

All the above said, the advantage of starting out is that you have the inherent opportunity to make certain practices – like charitable ones – a part of your corporate mission. Less of an “add on” and more of a “business as usual”, incorporating good deeds, donations and acts of kindness as part of your businesses functioning goes a long way to those that need them, but even more so if they are setup in a sustainable way so that the aid is continuous.

As a tiny effort, and one that we hope will develop into bigger practices over time, we’ve chosen to help The Haven Night Shelter who in their words “Our method is to make temporary shelter, rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, family reunification services, physical care and support available to adult people living on the streets who are committed to reintegration. There comes a stage in the downward path of certain human beings at which point, they literally can no longer help themselves. At that point someone has to step in and give them a lift; that is what The Haven tries to do.” Read more here.

As a food manufacturer and supplier, we’ve decided to make regular donations of ready to eat cooked-chickpeas (which are nutritious and a good source of protein) to The Haven, which they will in turn use as part of their on going and extensive cooking operations to feed and home, the homeless . It’s a tiny contribution from our side, but it’s one we feel we can sustainable perform and build upon, as we grow.

What does this mean for you? Although we sell our products to retailers (business to business), we do sell direct to the public through our newly setup Cheaky Online Store, and in doing so, when you place an order through this channel, 5% of the sale totalĀ  will be donated towards our efforts to cook and supply chickpeas the The Haven.

Thank you so much for your support.

– Lucas

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