About Us
Quite simply, we’re self proclaimed #ChickpeaExperts, dedicated to creating delicious plant-based products that best express the many properties of the adaptable chickpea.
Our first range, called ORBS, are essentially vegan m*ltesers, made from dry-roasted chickpeas coated in a delicious single-origin dark chocolate. They’re free from gluten, artificial flavours, preservatives, and milk, and are suitable for strict vegans & vegetarians. We have three flavours which are beautifully packaged in 65g servings and they’re Halaal certified.
Our second range, called D’ÖH!, is a ready to eat (no bake) plant-based cookie dough that’s sold frozen, and can be served both warm or chilled. Think of it as a cross between ice-cream and dough, and we have three flavours. This range is suitable for strict vegans & vegetarians.
Our third range, called CHYPS are currently being finalised after having trialled the first of three flavours last August to gauge customer feedback. Picture a scene where you’re kicking back, an icy-cold beverage in one hand, and a mouth wateringly scrumptious savoury snack in the other. Launching October 2020.
We’re a proudly Cape Town based, South African brand, having launched in 2019 and we’re passionate about running an ethical business by not using any animal ingredients in our products, contributing and playing an active role in community, and using materials and packaging that are recyclable.
Visit us on instagram where we share all our customer love, updates and shenanigans, or say hello@cheaky.co.za
Thank you for your love and support.
Lucas (Chickpea CEO)

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