We’re chickpea experts, dedicated to creating delicious plant-based snacks that best express the many tasty properties of the adaptable chickpea.

Our first range, called Orbs, is a moreish sweet snack that’s similar to the traditional chocolate coated ball, except the centre is made from high fibre, protein packed dry-roasted chickpeas coated in a deliciously smooth and ethically sourced dark or oat m*lk chocolate; you can think of these as “plant-based Maltserers”.

Our second range, called Chyps, is a mouth-watering savoury snack with a crispy, crunchy texture similar to the traditional corn nib, except we use high fibre, protein packed dry-roasted chickpeas and a combination of carefully blended seasonings and spices. Chyps go perfectly with an icey cold beverage to wash down the savoury notes of this flavourful range.

All our products are suitable for strict vegans and vegetarians, are free from gluten and preservatives, and come in a delicious range of flavours while all being beautifully packed in serving sizes ranging from 30g to 195g.

We began our mission in 2019 in a small Cape Town based kitchen, experimenting with alternative uses for chickpeas in the confectionary space. Noting that nothing exciting had yet with this most humble of legumes, we think we found a niche: a brand that produced better-for-you, nutrient packed chickpea snacks, made from only the most delicious and nutritious ingredients.

We believe in doing our part for the world, and within our local Cape Town based community by way of giving back to charities, not using any animal derived products or ingredients in our business, and using packaging and materials that are recyclable and plant-based where possible.

We look forward to surprising you with our delicious chickpea based snacks, and we invite you to find one of our loving stockists, or head to our online shop to get them delivered straight to you. You can also follow our social journey at @cheakyco

Much love from myself (Lucas) and the Cheaky Co team xoxo